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MCU (microcontroller): ARM32-bit processor, 2.4G low-power Bluetooth

APP:Findmy Tag

NF Near Field Communication): NFC Forum, Type2Tag

Sensor: three-axis accelerometer

Reminder method: back to the buzzer area, LED

Battery capacity: CR2032, 220mAh

Supported platform: Android 44 and I0S 8.0 and above

Protection class: waterproof

Battery life: 365 days


【Findmy Tag】

The global locator is more cute, more beautiful and comfortable to wear, only for dogs

【Applicable to a wide range of scenarios, quick retrieval】

Universal in all scenarios, fast positioning, fast retrieval

【Lights flicker, sound and light look for】

You are the shining boy at night who can see you from a distance.

【Small size and light weight】

Comfortable to wear and stress-free The device is made of new materials and weighs as low as 25g, making it comfortable for pets to wear, and its compact size is not cumbersome.

【What to do if your pet is lost】

One-click navigation, you can quickly get me to the location of my pet

【water proof】

Really deep waterproof, no need to worry about rain, bathing, swimming, excellent water resistance, waterproof up to P65 level, anti-splash, anti-splash

Package Included:

1*GPS Tracker